Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trade bibliographies

They are produced by commercial publishers and serve to provide the information necessary to select and acquire recently published materials.
Trade bibliographies are alerting devices that make no statements on the value of the works cited (Katz 1980).
These bibliographies usually include information on trade books. The bibliographies which are intended for sale to general public are available for sale in book stores, unlike mass market books, which are sold in grocery stores or on newsstands. Publications like government documents, encyclopedias, and dissertations are not listed in trade bibliographies. The scope is limited to materials that are for sale by participating publishing organizations (Katz 1992:67).

An example of a trade bibliography is Whitaker's Books in Print concentrates on materials published in Great Britain, while Canadian Books in Print will contain everything that is currently available from Canadian publishing houses.

These bibliographies are normally published annually with information on newly published titles and titles which are out of print. They can be used for checking items listed in a library's desiderata file to find out if something has been reprinted (Magrill 1989,221).
These can be very useful in the process of collection development.

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Commercial information providers (eg SABINET)
SABINET (South African Bibliographic and Information Network)
- Formed in 1983 as a non-profit organization (Behrens 2000:83).
- Operational activities sold to SABINET Online in 1997.
- The aim of SABINET was to support bibliographic control by means of central union catalogue (SACat) and networking of libraries based on cooperation.
- SABINET online caters for commercial and business sectors.
- SABINET Online’s central computers are linked to institutions nationwide, thus creating the network.
- Provide extensive services (acquisitions, cataloguing support, etc)
- Two of the databases found in SABINETOnline are:
  • SACat (Union catalog) is a national union catalogue, reflecting the stock of libraries in Southern Africa. It is used to support cataloguing. supports resource sharing in libraries, facilitating the borrowing of books and forwarding of copies of periodical articles between libraries by using our Online Reference and ReQuest services.
  • ISAP (Index to South African periodicals) is the database that contains abstracts and bibliographic information on articles in south African journals and periodicals. There is a limited number of general and popular periodicals.

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